About Kelly Campbell

People often ask - "How did you get into makeup?" When I reflect on that question, I can't remember a time that I was NOT into makeup :)

According to my mother, the fascination with makeup was evident at a young age. I was about a year and a half old, playing in my crib.  My aunt was visiting us and had left her makeup bag on top of the dresser in my bedroom. My Mom says that I bounced the crib back and forth to maneuver it across the room, in order to reach the dresser and the MAKEUP.  She soon found me sitting happily in my crib, covered in my aunt's lipstick and eyeshadow. She had to go out and buy my aunt all new makeup!  And so it began, at the age of one.  You might notice the photo of me at age 8, enjoying the art of makeup with my little cousin.  Full circle- I did her wedding makeup for her when she was all grown up!!  There is also another photo of me at age 10, sporting perhaps my first cat eyeliner in costume :)

I grew up close to Charleston in Mt. Pleasant, SC, and graduated from Newberry College with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education: Leisure Services. When my husband Joe and I became engaged in 1997, my life-long love of makeup artistry found its way into my professional life when I started working in retail as a Lancome beauty advisor. After training with Lancome and working at the counter over a year, Lancome hired me to work directly for them as their Regional Makeup Artist for all of the Charleston stores, a position held for three and a half years. This position allowed me to work as the featured makeup artist for special events, help women with wedding day bridal makeup, as well as train Lancome beauty advisors on makeup artistry and product knowledge. I would also do some occasional freelance wedding work on the side during these years.

I launched my business, Charleston On-Site Makeup, in 2006, at a time when you could google makeup artists in Charleston, and literally not be able to find more than two artists, if you can imagine that!!  I have seen firsthand how the the beauty industry in Charleston has changed dramatically over the years.  It is a privilege and an honor to be an original trailblazer in the Charleston makeup industry, and still be able to love what I do after two decades. 

In my heart, I am above and beyond grateful that God has gifted me with an ability and a desire to bless others,  working directly with women in a creative art form, helping women feel great about themselves and totally confident on their most special and important day. I have also had the wonderful opportunity to work in other venues, such as high definition television makeup for politicians, athletes, film, corporate, magazine, and fashion makeup needs. I have experience doing a little bit of print modeling and on camera commercial television work myself. For this reason, I am very comfortable as a behind the scenes makeup artist on many types of production sets, as well as working closely with my brides in helping them plan out a timeline for their wedding party appointments. After being in the business for so long, I have literally touched thousands of faces, and it never gets old to me. I love my job!  My desire is to exceed expectations and make a real, tangible difference in people's lives.

My husband Joe and I have two sons, Josh and Matthew, and reside in Mt. Pleasant, SC with our fluffy white maltese/toy poodle named Angel. We also have two Maine Coone mix rescue kitties, Willy Wonka and Caramel.



Kelly Campbell
Charleston Makeup Artist
Charleston, SC
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